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Peter Byrom is Manchester based photographer, digitalCG.  Self-taught, technically adept and refreshingly diverse, Peter is equally happy shooting static scenery or fast moving motorsports.  No specialisms and no snobbery here – he photographs what he likes using whatever equipment falls to hand.

A Pentax Photo Gallery featured artist, Peter has a small professional portfolio alongside his ever-expanding collection of high quality photos. Though not actively marketed he remains open to potential projects and is equipped to offer a wide range of photographic services from prints of stock images to event coverage, bespoke photoshoots and, as a qualified teacher since 2002, tailored photography tutorials.

Please use the contact form below for specific enquiries. Bear in mind that photography is one of those services that travels pretty well so if you like what you see and aren’t in the immediate area don’t be afraid to ask.

Peter spends his time working on photography rather than self-promotion, meaning he’s often lost behind the multitudes merrily singing their own praises.  Despite this low-key approach his images have won competitions, helped build businesses, been published in books and magazines internationally, sold in shops and galleries and hang on the wall of many satisfied customers from Bolton to Brazil.  Below are selected highlights of people, projects and organisations who put their trust in digitalCG’s professional ability…

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digitalCG services

Choose a digitalCG stock image, commission your own piece or let digitalCG cover your event.
Every photo is individually prepared for print, taking into account media, size and finish.
Professionally printed by local suppliers, you can be assured of the best possible quality.
A qualified teacher since 2002, digitalCG can help you unlock your photographic potential.

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