It’s not every day you’re asked to produce a piece of work two metres across, so when a prospective customer requested such a large version of this Alicante panorama there was just the slightest moment of hesitation in my mind – could I really pull it off?

Yes, of course I could.  After test printing some strips on a large format printer at a local University it became clear that completing this job to the standards I set for myself meant going back to the source images and recreating the file from scratch and this turned into several days of work.  After running some more test strips and making a few adjustments it was time to bite the bullet with the expense of printing such a large piece at a professional facility.

After inspecting and signing off the finished print it was carefully packed and shipped across Europe on a next day service to Sweden and the result was, to quote the client, ‘spectacular’.  Another happy digitalCG ending!


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