Valencia, July 2015.  Much of Spain was gripped by a heatwave so fierce that even the sun kissed Mediterranean locals were openly wilting.  This oppressive heat quickly put paid to ideas of itineraries and constantly stomping around the city in a bid to see and do everything.  Indoor attractions and places that presented opportunity to […]


Traffic, people, tall buildings, endless noise, there is little escape from The Terrorism of Everyday Life in Manhattan.  By my third day I was beginning to adapt and had defaulted to carrying the tiny Sony RX100 instead of a bag of DSLR kit.  Technically less flexibility, sure, but in practice far far more.


A successful little summer project to provide some much needed tunes in my old VW Beetle – some free 1980’s hifi speakers, a cheap Chinese bluetooth ‘chip amp’ and a 14.8v lithium battery designed for RC cars.  This is all built into a custom frame that slips snugly inside the vintage 1950’s suitcase, so it’s […]

Red Arrows

Sometimes there’s simply no substitute for experience.  After attending previous incarnations of the Blackpool Air Show I knew the Red Arrows would, if conditions permitted, arrive directly over the iconic tower.  So, whilst thousands of people looked out to sea for their first glimpse of nine bright red Hawks flying in close formation, I was […]

Pushing Bars

The ‘Push Bar To Open’ sign is familiar to many of us, but how often do we actually push ourselves, someone, something, in order to open up a favourable outcome? I’d wager it’s not very many of us and, for those that do, not often enough.

Bend, don’t break

As my thirties progress I’ve developed a mental resilience that goes far beyond any previously held traits of rebellion or stubborness.  I choose my battles a lot more carefully and distribute my energies in a more appropriate fashion than in earlier years.  These days I am patient and flexible enough to bend yet resilient and […]

Kill Your Television

Times Square NYC, self-styled ‘Crossroads of the World’. It’s quite likely that nothing will ever top the experience of dodging pickpockets and panhandlers amidst a towering neon edifice of capitalism.

The Trip

When an old hometown friend asked if I’d suit up and be a groomsman at his wedding on a Texan ranch I took the opportunity to make a photographic project out of the transatlantic adventure. Combining Dallas duties with a subsequent short trip to take in New York for the first time, the resulting images […]

Scene Stealer

Ah, the hustle and bustle amongst the scale and grandeur of Grand Central Terminal. It’s a classic shot for NYC visitors and seen in many a TV series and movie, but in my version the scene is well and truly stolen (if you look carefully) by a random half naked guy. What are the odds? […]

Thanksgiving Chapel

There are many things in this world more beautiful on the inside than the outside. Actually, if I’m honest some solid examples elude me right now but it sounded good, right? The one example I present here is Thanksgiving Chapel in Dallas, a 58 foot high white marble construction that resembles a discarded roll of […]

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