Face Solo!

Face Solo

Ed Hamell, performing as Hamell on Trial, is not a man to be pigeonholed.  Narrative driven heavy accoustic folk punk, bordering on spoken word at times, sardonic with a twist of optimism, equally angry and contemplative… nah, screw it, I couldn’t possibly explain with mere words.  The best attempt was probably Village Voice magazine, who once described him as ‘a one-man Tarantino flick: loud, vicious, luridly hilarious, gleefully and deeply offensive.’ 


Not a young man anymore, Ed remains a relentless hard working tourer meaning we UK folk are lucky enough to have regular opportunities to experience a HoT show.  It’s something I would recommend everyone with a sense of humour tries at least once.  One of Hamell’s set-ending showpieces, the ‘face solo’, is a part of the act that only gets better with age!