Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six

Louis Barabbas

It took a little while for it to register in my tiny underutilised brain that Louis Barabbas reminded me of a younger, more energetic Ed Hamell of Hamell On Trial. Sure, there is other music I’d rather listen to and a whole host of voices I’d generally prefer to hear singing, but as live acts both have such enthralling stage presence that you quickly forget any elements you’re not overly fond of and just plain enjoy the show.

Both musicians employ a distinct brand of dark, humour-laced narrative at the core of their songs, with Hamell flying solo and Louis ably backed by the fuller sound of the Bedlam Six. I’d thoroughly recommend watching either (preferably both!) if you get the chance as, for me at least, live music is where it’s at and artists who go the extra mile to put on a damned good event will always get priority access to my disposable income.