Nice Day For A Fright Wedding

Every weekend as sunset approaches the Printworks in Manchester is filled with half-dressed shuffling halfwits high on hairspray and fake tan. In some ways it’s a great facility, serving as a holding pen for those whose idea of a good time in a city as vibrant as Manchester is to get plastered in lowest common denominator franchise bars. This allows the good people of the city (or those with more imagination) to go about their business undisturbed. The more perceptive amongst you may have guessed I’m not too fond of the place.

Sometime around Halloween, for one night only, these half wits are replaced by half brains. The slightly slow behaviour and huge effort put into the outfits is broadly similar, only the zombies can be distinguished by a slightly more natural skin tone. On the rare blessed occasion that both the weather and the good ship Health & Safety are in favour, the zombies get their groove on for a short tour around the city centre.

Featured as spotlight image, 31st October 2013.