Pile of Pentax

Memories of the 80’s are a little hazy, more for reasons of youth than anything else, though some of the stronger recollections include messing with a Pentax ME Super that belonged to my father.  Back then it was just a little too complex for me to grasp, but when I decided to take up photography many years later it was with a Pentax.  Though it hasn’t been my primary system for a while, I still dust off the remaining Pentax collection from time to time.  Here, just for fun, the chunky Pentax K10D (a real classic of the DSLR era) supports the relatively rare Super A 35mm SLR and the genuinely rare (though largely worthless) Auto 110 Super, a small format SLR with interchangeable lenses, prism viewfinder etc.

No tricks, just carefully balanced in a makeshift lightbox.