Valencia, July 2015.  Much of Spain was gripped by a heatwave so fierce that even the sun kissed Mediterranean locals were openly wilting.  This oppressive heat quickly put paid to ideas of itineraries and constantly stomping around the city in a bid to see and do everything.  Indoor attractions and places that presented opportunity to shelter from the blazing sun were prioritised, including the Lonja de la Seda, a 15th century Silk Exchange and UNESCO World Heritage Site.

The building is grand and gothic, with gargoyles on the outside and the interior containing elaborate ceilings and huge, ornate columns.  It made for great architectural photos and of course the vertical panoramas that I’m fond of creating, but my favourite image taken there is of this weary traveller enjoying a cool stone seat and a moment of rest in the shade provided by the most impressive building in town.

Results like this are a reminder to stay alert and look for any opportunities that may appear, even if you’re in pursuit of some other photographic goal.