A big old storm christened as the ‘Beast From The East’ was rolling in fast and I had to get back across the North Yorkshire Moors and the Pennines or risk being stuck. Whilst I was trying to grab a final few images, calculating travel times and potential emergency overnighters, other hardy souls took a stroll along Whitby pier as if it was any other day.

This photo has a lovely dark, brooding quality that reflects my everyday mood appeals to my aesthetic sensibilities, but it also hides a rookie mistake. I was taking portrait format images and quickly flipped to landscape as the couple walked past, leaving my ND grad filter in the wrong orientation. You can spot the effect in the foreground railings, the far LHS is much darker than the RHS.

I’m not one for life lessons and messages but am pretty sure there’s a moral to this image somewhere. Maybe, just maybe, it’s that there is always a road to redemption from all the mistakes you made, however bad and however long ago. Either that or yes, you can polish a turd.

Featured as spotlight image for 15th May 2018.