The Deep – BTS

A world class aquarium sits inside this angular geometric wedge at the confluence of the River Hull and River Humber. Picture postcard blue skies and fluffy clouds were the order of the day but I felt this somewhat otherworldly architecture deserved a more abstract approach. Enter the ND110 filter which vastly reduces the amount of light entering the lens, allowing long exposures even in daylight.

See below for the setup used to turn a typical bright day into something a little more conceptual – Nikon DSLR, ND110 filter, ND grad filter, remote shutter release and a little patience. Note the eyepiece shutter, essential to stop light entering through the viewfinder – I’ve fallen foul of this before.

Processing-wise there wasn’t a great deal to do. Slight levels tweak, slight crop, some desaturation and cloning out a few dust spots.