Karmic Distancing

As someone who has been practising effective social distancing since around 2003, things don’t feel too much different. It’s just a bit easier to avoid people and a bit harder to buy beer. Half-jokes aside, let’s make a serious point…

“Be kind to everyone on the way up; you’ll meet the same people on the way down.” Wilson Mizner, 1932

Many creatives will be feeling the pinch right now, with bookings and events cancelled and incomes severely jeopardised or even eradicated completely. I genuinely feel for the many good ones struggling out there. However, having dealt with dodgy musicians, promoters and venues over the years before ‘retiring’ I’m hoping a few castles built on sand will succumb to the current stormy tides of change.

Let’s see if community, honesty, hard graft and sustainability can rise from the ashes of greed, selfishness and false pretence – not just in creative pursuits but also in the wider world.