2020: A Year In Review

Ah, 2020. Remember in March when the most difficult, heroic act we were asked to perform was basically ‘stay at home and away from other folk for a bit’ and people *briefly* seemed to care for one another? Remember how quickly a shocking number of those people necked a colossal does of Fukitol(tm) and just carried on going about their day? Remember the fuss people made over temporarily wearing a mask for safety though they happily wear shoes or seat belts for the same purpose? Remember the conspiracy theories and sharing of misinformation in an age where lies go twice around the world before the truth can even begin to give chase?

I’ve always have a hard time understanding the frankly illogical actions of some characters on TV or in movies, but the horror show of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic has proven that real life people can be far, far worse.

2020 will not be missed! Here’s hoping for a better 2021 for friends, followers and customers past, present and future.