If you’ve lived any kind of life, you’ll be aware that it forces you to give up on things from time to time and the accompanying changes can be empowering or brutal. The events of 2020 have had far reaching effects on hundreds of millions of lives and whilst I know we as a race will get through it, I do wonder how much constructive reform and destructive chaos it will ultimately bring.

In this age of fast information it is fascinating to see situations unfold, to learn which countries have tried to protect their citizens above all else and which have led them down a dangerous path thanks to skewed political and economic ideologies. Never before did I see the US as a third world country hiding beneath Gucci underwear and never have I wanted to move to New Zealand so very very much.

In the meantime all we can do on a much smaller scale is try to influence the few things within our control and consider making changes suitable for the situation. And so, with a mix of great triumph and deep sorrow, I announce that in the face of the 2020 pandemic alone I have so far given up drinking spirits, eating chocolate, all forms of caffeine, fast food, using Amazon services and last but not least… hope.

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