Right now, according to UK Government guidelines, up to six people from different households can meet outdoors providing social distancing practices are followed. It was with genuine excitement that six of us arranged to congregate for the first time in months, only for two to bail out on the day because of ‘injury’ or perhaps, well, look at that ominous sky…

Undeterred, four of us trotted off for an evening walk, the timing of which meant we were always going to be fighting against fading daylight. Maybe we’d have made more progress if I hadn’t taken a camera along for some much needed practice but I’m certainly not apologising for that! Suitably spaced apart we still managed about 10km and, as luck would have it, the sky briefly cleared up at pretty much the perfect time for a photo opportunity at a reservoir on the return leg.

It’s a touch annoying to know I would have done better with some grad filters and a small tripod but finally being able to attempt something creative was a bonus in itself. The reality was that after months of predominantly home working with no events or social life (and a cancelled holiday!) it was a great boost to see the lads in person once again. Grabbing a few ‘keepers’ was simply the icing on the cake.