Whitby Abbey

Whitby Abbey, situated on the East Cliff above the town, fell into disrepair following the 16th Century dissolution of the monasteries when Henry VIII oversaw the separation of state and church, seizing their assets and using them to fund his military campaigns. The remains are now under the care of English Heritage and continue to… Continue reading Whitby Abbey


A calm, contemplative morning hour of photography at an equally calm and contemplative place. When you exercise your creativity in such a stunning and tranquil setting there’s no need to make a conscious effort of mindfulness or meditation. Even the dead wood you’re surrounded by can become a thing of beauty.

Mixed Messages

After 366 days, 2020 ended on a small positive with this digitalCG social commentary image featured as the lead photo on the official @googlepixel Instagram NYE post. Let us not forget, with Covid-19 remaining as prevalent as ever some 9+ months and 73,500+ official deaths since it was acknowledged in the UK, that at one… Continue reading Mixed Messages

2020: A Year In Review

Ah, 2020. Remember in March when the most difficult, heroic act we were asked to perform was basically ‘stay at home and away from other folk for a bit’ and people *briefly* seemed to care for one another? Remember how quickly a shocking number of those people necked a colossal does of Fukitol(tm) and just… Continue reading 2020: A Year In Review

1968 VW Bus

There was a time I used to do quite a bit of work with VictoriaSportscars, not only photography of vehicle stock but also branding and website too. It wasn’t exactly a meal ticket but who cares when you get to enjoy messing about with old motors and old cameras? Sadly the growing business was forcibly… Continue reading 1968 VW Bus

Hung Up

Whilst we as people can let most things pass we inevitably get hung up on certain stuff from time to time. Whether that stuff is big or small, personal or impersonal, whether it fell within the realms of our control or not people invariably have plenty of old burns, bad decisions, past regrets and missed… Continue reading Hung Up


Right now, according to UK Government guidelines, up to six people from different households can meet outdoors providing social distancing practices are followed. It was with genuine excitement that six of us arranged to congregate for the first time in months, only for two to bail out on the day because of ‘injury’ or perhaps,… Continue reading Outside


M├ílaga, the southernmost large city in Europe, has undergone a spectacular urban regeneration across my three visits, managing to reinvent itself as an important stop on the European (perhaps even World) cultural map, packed with galleries and museums in addition to existing Roman and Moorish historic attractions. Not all changes are for the better, as… Continue reading Pompidou