Don’t Go

Having a disagreement in public can be terribly embarrassing, often because you’re so caught up in the moment that you don’t realise how far things have escalated until it’s too late and you’re suddenly aware that you and your co-combatant are the centre of attention.  Not being too gifted with the Spanish language I didn’t… Continue reading Don’t Go


Four flights of steps leading up to Parque de la Ereta from the el Barrio district, Alicante.  Most of my photos up to this point that day had been taken on a mobile phone and this shows how the simple aesthetic that kind of shooting generally favours remained a dominant influence as I switched to… Continue reading Four

Alicante Panorama

It’s not every day you’re asked to produce a piece of work two metres across, so when a prospective customer requested such a large version of this Alicante panorama for their holiday home there was just the slightest moment of hesitation before agreeing. After test printing some strips it became clear that completing this job… Continue reading Alicante Panorama


There’s a footbridge over the Passeig de Gomiz, Alicante, that delivers this pseudo 3D perspective reminiscent of 80’s legends like the Rubik’s Cube puzzle and old school video game Q*bert.