VictoriaSportscars was an independent classic car dealership founded in 2009 in Littleborough, Lancashire.  From the outset a creative partnership was formed with confirmed petrolhead digitalCG covering a broad spectrum of photographic and design services, the nature of which provided an interesting, rewarding and at times hands-on involvement in a flourishing startup business. In addition to… Continue reading VictoriaSportscars

Porsche 356

Imagine finally getting your hands on your dream car only to sell it soon after to raise funds to set up your own business – it’s more or less the definition of ‘bittersweet’! At least Littleborough resident Andrew Hill had the good sense to call in digitalCG for a shoot with his genuine 1957 Porsche… Continue reading Porsche 356


As a kid in suburban Manchester I was always interested in the cars on people’s driveways. My father was a Volkswagen fan whilst our next door neighbour had a similar loyalty towards Saab. I developed my own love for the character of old VW’s and have always owned at least one, but I also picked… Continue reading Trollhattan