A large (and rather unflattering) sculpture of Archimedes resides under a railway viaduct near the University of Manchester. Whether intended as a stylistic representation of his ‘Eureka’ moment or he’s just in ‘manual jacuzzi’ mode is unclear.

The Power of Suggestion

There’s an entire industry based around the idea that we can change and improve our lives through the power of suggestion. Self-styled gurus peddle books, write advertorials and appear on TV telling us how self-hypnosis and the power of positive thought can help us to improve all aspects of our existence. Of course actual evidence… Continue reading The Power of Suggestion


Parents, teach your children to be brave, stand their ground, square up to those bigger than them if needed and maybe even stare down wild beasts. Also teach them that if they’re going to do such damned stupid things, at least wear the proper protective gear.


How often do you wish you could just free roam, shake off your earthbound body and simply observe the world, unnoticed? Would you embrace the opportunity or would you refuse, bound by the same fear of falling that you already experience every single day? Featured as spotlight image, 29th September 2014.


Certain aspects of photography continue to elude me on a regular basis despite being at it for a fair while now and I’m not talking about making money from it – that will likely always elude me! The technical points of image making remain fairly well ‘baked in’ so even when I take a break… Continue reading Blegh!

X Marks The Spot

The world is full of hidden delights Рsigns, artefacts, messages, treasures. Deliberately lost, accidentally found. You might see them one day, if only you put down that damned smartphone and look, really look, at your surroundings.  Shot as seen on the Castlefield canal towpath and almost enough to make me fetch a spade.

BMX Bandit

Robert Capa is quoted as saying “If your photographs aren’t good enough, you’re not close enough.” Well, I almost clocked a spinning wheel in the face shooting this at the 2012 Parklife Festival, so if it isn’t good enough there’s little else I could do.