Balls of Steel

Manchester, Saturday Sep 21st 2013. Eight of the world’s top trials riders competed head to head over a custom made course comprising of local street furniture, a pair of Metrolink trams and these giant steel spheres in Exchange Square. A spectacular free event thanks to Manchester City Council, I love MCR and the Red Bull… Continue reading Balls of Steel

The Arches

Taking a break from rush hour madness to explore the finer side of town one evening and a rain shower forced me to head for the nearest cover under a rail viaduct, where I chanced upon this scene.

The Hustler

An example of making something from more or less nothing with fairly basic equipment whilst losing enjoying a few frames at The Arch, Manchester. This place is probably the best decorated pool hall in town but not a typical location for handheld ambient¬†light photography. Resting the camera on the cushion gave too low a viewpoint,… Continue reading The Hustler

Grey Heron

A fascinating few minutes yesterday watching this elegant bird hunt for food in a very urban Manchester location.¬† With no DSLR to hand I managed to grab a shot on the trusty compact at 1/40 sec, 300mm equivalent – which goes to show a) how still the bird was and b) how well the image… Continue reading Grey Heron

Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six

It took a little while for it to register in my tiny underutilised brain that Louis Barabbas reminded me of a younger, more energetic Ed Hamell of Hamell On Trial. Sure, there is other music I’d rather listen to and a whole host of voices I’d generally prefer to hear singing, but as live acts… Continue reading Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six

Parklife Festival

Parklife Festival 2012, Platt Fields Park, Manchester. After a virtual washout on the Saturday, the sun was shining on Sunday for digitalCG’s stint as resident photographer at the ‘Desperados Factory’ in conjunction with Firefly Associates, Top Dog Promotions and of course Desperados Beer. Breakdancing, ninjas, skateboarding, bmx, drummers, dj’s, bands and thousands of happy punters… Continue reading Parklife Festival

New Beginnings

‘New Beginnings’ always reminds me of a gag from the criminally underrated 1996 Farrelly brothers movie, Kingpin. Useless info aside, this overly compressed JPG is a step back in time to the image that started it all – my first keeper on my first trip out with a mighty 6MP DSLR camera. By the time… Continue reading New Beginnings