I Am Kloot

Spring 2001. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m stood in the open rooftop skylight of the canalside mill conversion in Lancaster that was home at that time. The cheap thin carpet is rough on my bare feet, ducks are quacking six floors below and I’m sipping absurdly hot tea, basking in the unexpected warmth… Continue reading I Am Kloot

Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six

It took a little while for it to register in my tiny underutilised brain that Louis Barabbas reminded me of a younger, more energetic Ed Hamell of Hamell On Trial. Sure, there is other music I’d rather listen to and a whole host of voices I’d generally prefer to hear singing, but as live acts… Continue reading Louis Barabbas and the Bedlam Six

Sean Rowe

In May 2013 I had a last-minute opportunity to photograph the incredible talent of singer songwriter Sean Rowe as he played a show in Liverpool. Images from that evening have since been featured on his social media feeds and tour posters, such as this Spring 2015 flyer.

Feelgood Festival

The Feelgood Festival, Rochdale, is a full weekend celebration of entertainment, food and culture. In 2009 headline act and chart topping indie legends The Bluetones (currently enjoying a revival based on their 20 year anniversary) invited digitalCG stageside to capture their set.

Face Solo!

Ed Hamell, performing as Hamell on Trial, is not a man to be pigeonholed.  Narrative driven heavy accoustic folk punk, bordering on spoken word at times, sardonic with a twist of optimism, equally angry and contemplative… nah, screw it, I couldn’t possibly explain with mere words.  The best attempt was probably Village Voice magazine, who… Continue reading Face Solo!