Looong Lunch

My first 2016 outing with the camera and I was set a challenge by a reptile keeper to illustrate their chameleon in action using single shot mode (not burst/continuous/spray n’ pray) and without flash. This was the second attempt and, it’s fair to say, challenge completed.


Parents, teach your children to be brave, stand their ground, square up to those bigger than them if needed and maybe even stare down wild beasts. Also teach them that if they’re going to do such damned stupid things, at least wear the proper protective gear.

Poison Dart Frog

Just 5cm long, the Golden Poison Dart Frog is amongst the most poisonous of all living creatures in the wild, each typically carrying enough toxin to kill between 10 and 20 humans. Fortunately, given my close proximity here, they are completely harmless when raised in captivity with a controlled diet far away from their natural… Continue reading Poison Dart Frog