The Power of Suggestion

There’s an entire industry based around the idea that we can change and improve our lives through the power of suggestion. Self-styled gurus peddle books, write advertorials and appear on TV telling us how self-hypnosis and the power of positive thought can help us to improve all aspects of our existence. Of course actual evidence… Continue reading The Power of Suggestion


Valencia, July 2015.  Much of Spain was gripped by a heatwave so fierce that even the sun kissed Mediterranean locals were openly wilting.  This oppressive heat quickly put paid to ideas of itineraries and constantly stomping around the city in a bid to see and do everything.  Indoor attractions and places that presented opportunity to… Continue reading Sanctuary


Given that nobody in the UK lives more than 75 miles from the sea, I’m fairly sure it gives the British some innate, hard coded affinity with open water. When things aren’t going too well, which happens with alarming regularity, my first instinct is often to get to the coast. There’s something about the random… Continue reading Shelter

Looong Lunch

My first 2016 outing with the camera and I was set a challenge by a reptile keeper to illustrate their chameleon in action using single shot mode (not burst/continuous/spray n’ pray) and without flash. This was the second attempt and, it’s fair to say, challenge completed.

Deep Ellum

If you’re going to take a selfie, at least do it properly. Travel 4,653 miles, find the biggest boldest piece of street art you can, make it the star (not your own vapid duck face) and use a proper camera. Happy to help.