A patterned summer dress blends almost seamlessly into this tiled wall near Zocodover Plaza in Toledo, Spain. Inspiration strikes when you least expect it so however distracted you are, however dull the embers of your fire, all it takes is one spark. Be ready. Featured as spotlight image for 21st Dec 2017.


How often do you wish you could just free roam, shake off your earthbound body and simply observe the world, unnoticed? Would you embrace the opportunity or would you refuse, bound by the same fear of falling that you already experience every single day? Featured as spotlight image, 29th September 2014.

Baby Sled

As car modifications go the ‘lead sled’ style is hugely distinctive, typically seeing huge 1950’s American Buicks, Cadillacs etc. being modified for style over speed. Lowered or channelled, roof chop, dechromed, shaved badges and door handles and most likely a satin black paint job complete the look. The visual change is massive but so too… Continue reading Baby Sled

Don’t Go

Having a disagreement in public can be terribly embarrassing, often because you’re so caught up in the moment that you don’t realise how far things have escalated until it’s too late and you’re suddenly aware that you and your co-combatant are the centre of attention.  Not being too gifted with the Spanish language I didn’t… Continue reading Don’t Go

I Am Kloot

Spring 2001. It’s a beautiful sunny day and I’m stood in the open rooftop skylight of the canalside mill conversion in Lancaster that was home at that time. The cheap thin carpet is rough on my bare feet, ducks are quacking six floors below and I’m sipping absurdly hot tea, basking in the unexpected warmth… Continue reading I Am Kloot

Fly Guy

This dragonfly was one of many shot just last month on the island of Tabarca, a marine reserve with stunning clear waters and the smallest permanently inhabited islet in Spain with a population of around 70. I have better macros but wanted to share this to prove you don’t need lots of expensive specialist equipment… Continue reading Fly Guy

Basic Instinct

I stepped out one evening last week to put some rubbish in the bin and nearly ate this spider, who’d made its web right across the bin alcove.  Instead of freaking out I grabbed the macro lens and a flash to capture the image you see here.  Over the years I’ve used the discipline and… Continue reading Basic Instinct


Four flights of steps leading up to Parque de la Ereta from the el Barrio district, Alicante.  Most of my photos up to this point that day had been taken on a mobile phone and this shows how the simple aesthetic that kind of shooting generally favours remained a dominant influence as I switched to… Continue reading Four