Mirror Lake

Panoramic image of a very serene Llyn Gwynant, basking in crisp winterlight and providing a perfect mirror. Scenes like this really do make you slow down and consider your photographic actions more carefully. It was a fairly brief stop yet I came away from here with a wealth of usable images.

Alicante Panorama

It’s not every day you’re asked to produce a piece of work two metres across, so when a prospective customer requested such a large version of this Alicante panorama for their holiday home there was just the slightest moment of hesitation before agreeing. After test printing some strips it became clear that completing this job… Continue reading Alicante Panorama

Winning Panorama

This stunning twilight panorama of the postcard-perfect coastal village of Staithes, North Yorkshire, beat submissions from entrants worldwide to scoop top prize worth around £500 in a panoramic photo competition. The bumper prize package included a Nodal Ninja panoramic tripod head, Autodesk software suite, a physical book and e-book. Constructed from seven long exposures shot… Continue reading Winning Panorama