Mirror Lake

Panoramic image of a very serene Llyn Gwynant, basking in crisp winterlight and providing a perfect mirror. Scenes like this really do make you slow down and consider your photographic actions more carefully. It was a fairly brief stop yet I came away from here with a wealth of usable images.


Perched on a rocky outcrop seemingly at the end of the world, the old lighthouse at Llandwyn is one of my favourite landscape spots in the British Isles.  Visiting on gloomy days such as this helps avoid tourist overload and, with the right filters, makes for great photos.

The Three Amigos

The Hotrod Hayride is an Americana-heavy gathering of period correct custom cars, rockabilly and swing bands, burlesque dancers and vintage lifestyle lovers held at The National Shooting Range in Bisley, England.  It is also in serious danger of becoming my favourite annual event.

Pile of Pentax

Memories of the 80’s are a little hazy, more for reasons of youth than anything else, though some of the stronger recollections include messing with a Pentax ME Super that belonged to my father.  Back then it was just a little too complex for me to grasp, but when I decided to take up photography… Continue reading Pile of Pentax

McCallum Wedding

Glasgow calling as digitalCG hit the road and headed a fair way North to photograph Scott and Michelle McCallum’s big day with friends and family. The happy couple opted for a ‘full day’ photographic package, though aside from a short list of formal portraits digitalCG was given free reign to capture the occasion in his… Continue reading McCallum Wedding

Alicante Panorama

It’s not every day you’re asked to produce a piece of work two metres across, so when a prospective customer requested such a large version of this Alicante panorama for their holiday home there was just the slightest moment of hesitation before agreeing. After test printing some strips it became clear that completing this job… Continue reading Alicante Panorama

VW Cabriolet

The best time to get photos of your pride and joy is immediately after completing a nut and bolt restoration. Stewart Horn is the man behind this gorgeous 1970 VW Beetle Cabriolet and wisely zoned in on digitalCG’s penchant for all things cool (and aircooled!) as soon as the project was road legal. This specially… Continue reading VW Cabriolet

Vertebrate Publishing

Vertebrate Publishing are dedicated to producing the most modern and relevant series of books for enthusiasts of outdoor pursuits. Their highly acclaimed ‘Mountain Biking Trail Centres – The Guide’ is considered essential reading for MTB riders and uses digitalCG photos of the highly rated Stainburn trail, Yorkshire. Most of this shoot was tackled in full… Continue reading Vertebrate Publishing

Feelgood Festival

The Feelgood Festival, Rochdale, is a full weekend celebration of entertainment, food and culture. In 2009 headline act and chart topping indie legends The Bluetones (currently enjoying a revival based on their 20 year anniversary) invited digitalCG stageside to capture their set.