Porsche 356

Imagine finally getting your hands on your dream car only to sell it soon after to raise funds to set up your own business – it’s more or less the definition of ‘bittersweet’! At least Littleborough resident Andrew Hill had the good sense to call in digitalCG for a shoot with his genuine 1957 Porsche… Continue reading Porsche 356

Soft Curves

The same clouds responsible for casting such wonderful diffuse light on this Chamonix Porsche 365 replica are reflected in the iconic curves of the Lapis Blue coachwork. Another successful and enjoyable automotive shoot for VictoriaSportscars, with whom it never feels like work.


You may not think the forests are a natural setting for the sleek lines of the Porsche 911, but the brand has a strong historical presence in rally and safari events. This spectacular three-wheeling example was certainly exploring the outer edges of slip angles and the traction circle.