The Power of Suggestion

There’s an entire industry based around the idea that we can change and improve our lives through the power of suggestion. Self-styled gurus peddle books, write advertorials and appear on TV telling us how self-hypnosis and the power of positive thought can help us to improve all aspects of our existence. Of course actual evidence… Continue reading The Power of Suggestion

Maximum Attack!

The Subaru of Kevin Procter giving it everything at the Preston Trax stage of the 2013 Northwest Stages Rally. This was the third frame I shot that day and I really should have gone home again afterwards as the day got wetter and colder whilst my results didn’t get any better.

The Blinding

Proof that I skimped a little on my choice of secondhand lenses when assembling a Nikon DSLR system thankfully doesn’t come around too often and, when it does, it’s not always bad. ┬áStaring directly down the barrel of this Subaru’s headlights in the Welsh forests had an odd yet strangely pleasing effect on my old… Continue reading The Blinding


You may not think the forests are a natural setting for the sleek lines of the Porsche 911, but the brand has a strong historical presence in rally and safari events. This spectacular three-wheeling example was certainly exploring the outer edges of slip angles and the traction circle.