Chinatown, NYC

Throwing it down in Chinatown and of course I seemed to be the only person without an umbrella. Luckily it wasn’t too far to my destination, taking up an invitation to visit the talented Rafael Esquer and his team at Alfalfa Studio.


Traffic, people, tall buildings, endless noise, there is little escape from The Terrorism of Everyday Life in Manhattan.  By my third day I was beginning to adapt and had defaulted to carrying the tiny Sony RX100 instead of a bag of DSLR kit.  Technically less flexibility, sure, but in practice far far more.

Red Arrows

Sometimes there’s simply no substitute for experience.  After attending previous incarnations of the Blackpool Air Show I knew the Red Arrows would, if conditions permitted, arrive directly over the iconic tower.  So, whilst thousands of people looked out to sea for their first glimpse of nine bright red Hawks flying in close formation, I was… Continue reading Red Arrows