Hung Up

Whilst we as people can let most things pass we inevitably get hung up on certain stuff from time to time. Whether that stuff is big or small, personal or impersonal, whether it fell within the realms of our control or not people invariably have plenty of old burns, bad decisions, past regrets and missed… Continue reading Hung Up


Málaga, the southernmost large city in Europe, has undergone a spectacular urban regeneration across my three visits, managing to reinvent itself as an important stop on the European (perhaps even World) cultural map, packed with galleries and museums in addition to existing Roman and Moorish historic attractions. Not all changes are for the better, as… Continue reading Pompidou

Knutsford Nuptials

July 2014, the last wedding I photographed and certainly the quirkiest and most charming. There were few formal requirements so the resulting images were predominantly candid moments and reportage. As someone who doesn’t particularly like people much (never mind photographing them!) it always seemed an odd thing for me to do… so now I don’t.… Continue reading Knutsford Nuptials

The Power of Suggestion

There’s an entire industry based around the idea that we can change and improve our lives through the power of suggestion. Self-styled gurus peddle books, write advertorials and appear on TV telling us how self-hypnosis and the power of positive thought can help us to improve all aspects of our existence. Of course actual evidence… Continue reading The Power of Suggestion

Cubic Curiosity

In the same way that not every photo you see makes perfect sense, not every photo is taken on the perfect camera. Whilst inherently flawed, since 2014 I’ve found mobile phones to be increasingly capable and, being ever-present in daily life, increasingly useful for quick grab shots. Here, as the young man tries to assimilate… Continue reading Cubic Curiosity

Don’t Go

Having a disagreement in public can be terribly embarrassing, often because you’re so caught up in the moment that you don’t realise how far things have escalated until it’s too late and you’re suddenly aware that you and your co-combatant are the centre of attention.  Not being too gifted with the Spanish language I didn’t… Continue reading Don’t Go


There’s a footbridge over the Passeig de Gomiz, Alicante, that delivers this pseudo 3D perspective reminiscent of 80’s legends like the Rubik’s Cube puzzle and old school video game Q*bert.