Hung Up

Whilst we as people can let most things pass we inevitably get hung up on certain stuff from time to time. Whether that stuff is big or small, personal or impersonal, whether it fell within the realms of our control or not people invariably have plenty of old burns, bad decisions, past regrets and missed… Continue reading Hung Up

Chinatown, NYC

Throwing it down in Chinatown and of course I seemed to be the only person without an umbrella. Luckily it wasn’t too far to my destination, taking up an invitation to visit the talented Rafael Esquer and his team at Alfalfa Studio.


A patterned summer dress blends almost seamlessly into this tiled wall near Zocodover Plaza in Toledo, Spain. Inspiration strikes when you least expect it so however distracted you are, however dull the embers of your fire, all it takes is one spark. Be ready. Featured as spotlight image for 21st Dec 2017.


Traffic, people, tall buildings, endless noise, there is little escape from The Terrorism of Everyday Life in Manhattan.  By my third day I was beginning to adapt and had defaulted to carrying the tiny Sony RX100 instead of a bag of DSLR kit.  Technically less flexibility, sure, but in practice far far more.


How often do you wish you could just free roam, shake off your earthbound body and simply observe the world, unnoticed? Would you embrace the opportunity or would you refuse, bound by the same fear of falling that you already experience every single day? Featured as spotlight image, 29th September 2014.


There’s a lot of history in Castlefield. Site of the Roman fort of Mamucium dating back to AD79, which eventually gave Manchester it’s name, and epicentre of the Industrial Revolution, being the terminus of the world’s first industrial canal and the world’s first passenger railway. In 1982 the area was designated as the UK’s first… Continue reading Castlefield